Batman and a Princess

I love trying girly things on Victoria because she is not a girly girl. She is mean!! well she can be sweet when she wants to, but she always looks so sweet and cute dressed up girly. In a way I wish she wanted to wear tutus and tiaras all the time, but I also want to encourage my children to be who they want to be and not push societal gender roles on them. If she would rather play in dirt and catch bugs than play barbie dolls and dress up I'm gonna let her! As long as my kids are happy, I'll be happy. You can tell that she did not leave that tiara on very long.
My little man, he's growing up so fast! He is so creative and his imagination is blooming. I was busy doing something when Nikolai shouts "Look Mommy! I'm Batman!" I look over to see Nikolai with his chest out, hands on his hips, and cheese on his shirt. I guess he thought the cheese looked like the batman logo! 


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