Amidst the Fallen

One thing that I love about mine and Logan's relationship is that we support each others hobbies. I love to scrapbook and he loves to play bass guitar. He's in a band with some of his good friends. The band's name is Amidst the Fallen. I used to love listening to music and going to concerts but with raising two children my interest has changed a great deal, and even though I still love listening to music there's usually not much time for it. They finally decided to have a concert so I had to go and be there to support him and enjoy the music although its not really my thing anymore.

I love this picture!!!

Okay, so I wasn't trying to get a picture of Tyler's body, he kept stepping in the way while I was taking pictures. But for real, this picture is the reason why I support Logan's hobby. It makes him happy and he has fun. Logan will say that when I'm not happy, he's not happy, and well... it works both ways. So I'm glad we support each others hobbies, however different they may be.


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