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A Start to a Great Day

The past two night's Victoria has slept in her bed all night long, which means I didn't wake up at all. I didn't get kicked, slapped or pushed to the edge of the bed. Another thing that has happened for the past two days is that Nikolai didn't wake me up before 7 o'clock. So I feel pretty rested and ready to start my day! Victoria woke up at 8 o'clock and I put her in my bed so we could cuddle. She let me kiss her and love on her and she laid there and smiled and wrapped her little arms tightly around my neck. One of those perfect little hugs. Then Nikolai woke up and came to join our cuddling, he smothered me and sissy-bug with kisses.

I asked them, "so what do you babies want to do today?"

Nikolai replied, "Paint!"

Me: "I think we can do that, what do you want to paint?"

Nikolai: "I want to paint I love you!"

I love my kids so much. So today I guess were going to be painting I love you. Me and the kids got up and I put…

Siblings, Crafts, Love.

Wow! It's so rare to get a picture of both of my kids together, sitting still, and then throw the paint in there. They do crafts together all the time, but they are usually on the opposite ends of the table so they have their own space untampered by each other. Surprisingly, they got along great sitting right next to each other and it gave mommy some good pictures. You can really tell they're brother and sister when they sit side by side. You can even tell they love each other.

They look alike. They watched each other. They shared paint! Neither one of my kids like to share anything.... But they did! Victoria got bored painting on paper.. So she painted her hair.. her arm... her face.. then she took a bite! Nikolai concentrates hard and comes out with masterpieces. These are my children, my babies, my butt heads and my life. And I'm lovin' life!

Amidst the Fallen

One thing that I love about mine and Logan's relationship is that we support each others hobbies. I love to scrapbook and he loves to play bass guitar. He's in a band with some of his good friends. The band's name is Amidst the Fallen. I used to love listening to music and going to concerts but with raising two children my interest has changed a great deal, and even though I still love listening to music there's usually not much time for it. They finally decided to have a concert so I had to go and be there to support him and enjoy the music although its not really my thing anymore.

Okay, so I wasn't trying to get a picture of Tyler's body, he kept stepping in the way while I was taking pictures. But for real, this picture is the reason why I support Logan's hobby. It makes him happy and he has fun. Logan will say that when I'm not happy, he's not happy, and well... it works both ways. So I'm glad we support each others hobbies, however different…

My Sleeping Beauty

I used to love when Nikolai would get so tired he would fall asleep anywhere doing anything. Victoria does it too! She has done it several times lately. She usually gets her blanket and cup and gets comfy. There was a few times that she would not let me rock her or lay her down so she just cried herself to sleep where ever she chose. I think it's funny and cute.

Batman and a Princess

I love trying girly things on Victoria because she is not a girly girl. She is mean!! well she can be sweet when she wants to, but she always looks so sweet and cute dressed up girly. In a way I wish she wanted to wear tutus and tiaras all the time, but I also want to encourage my children to be who they want to be and not push societal gender roles on them. If she would rather play in dirt and catch bugs than play barbie dolls and dress up I'm gonna let her! As long as my kids are happy, I'll be happy. You can tell that she did not leave that tiara on very long. My little man, he's growing up so fast! He is so creative and his imagination is blooming. I was busy doing something when Nikolai shouts "Look Mommy! I'm Batman!" I look over to see Nikolai with his chest out, hands on his hips, and cheese on his shirt. I guess he thought the cheese looked like the batman logo!