Ready for Some Summertime Swimmin'

Nikolai Blaine is ready to jump in the pool with his awesome Lighting McQueen floaties and his cool GAP shorts! I made him slow down just long enough to get a picture before he got in. He didn't really want to smile for the camera because he was ready to be in that cold water on a hot summer day.

It was Victoria's first time to be in the pool this year. She was only 5 or 6 months when we let her get in last year, but she wasn't swimming then...

 She loved the water!! We put her in a baby float and she splished and splashed. It took her a while to let go of my hands, but as she got more adapted to the water she didn't mind letting go. Then she decided she was tired of the float and wanted out. But, first I put her hair into a mohawk because it looked really cute :)

 She was slightly aggravated by her brother who wanted to hold on to her float and take her toys away. Typical brother sister stuff I guess. When I took her out of her float, she still wanted to swim, I was very fearful that she would just go under even with arm floaties. But she wanted in so I let her try it, I stayed very close just in case. She did fine for the most part. She moved her arms and legs trying to stay up above the water. She dipped down once and got a mouth full of water. I decided that it was time for her to get out, even though she didn't want to. Nikolai was all over the pool swimming his little heart out. They both did great and I am so proud of both of my children that I love soooooo much!


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