Momma's Feeling Crafty Today

After a busy day of running errands and the kids acting exceptionally well, I was in the mood to do some crafts. I got out the paints, paint brushes, paper, glue, wiggly eyes, and some wood cars. I put Victoria in her high chair and gave her some paint to finger paint me a masterpiece. After a short time, I realized how sleepy and grouchy my little girl was. I thought maybe she would enjoy it more if I gave her a paintbrush. However, to my suprise, she dipped her paint brush in the red paint and stuck it in her mouth, great... I whiped her off, gave her a bottle, and layed her down for a nap. She was sound asleep in no time.

The picture to the left is Victoria's beautiful artwork. Although she didn't put much thought into it, I love it all the same. With the baby girl laid down, I knew I would have the time to concentrate painting with Nikolai. I gave him some blue paint and a wooden train. Within seconds he was smothering the poor train in blue paint. Globbs and globbs of paint...but, he was having a blast. And I enjoy sharing this hobby of mine with him.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    He worked so hard to make his train beautiful. Half way through, his wheels fell off and he was quite upset. But, no problem, because mommy got out her glue gun and fixed the train's wheels and he was happily painting away again. When he finished painting his train, blue, and his car, red. I let him paint me a picture.
He mixed all his colors and it turned out quite colorful, but definately pleasing to the eye. I helped him make a handprint and then I painted his name on it. I thouched up his cars, just a little bit, got the places he missed and added glitter to his head lights. He wanted them so bad, he didn't want to wait until they were dry. Eventually he got to play with them and he loves them. Pretty cheap too, 97 cents a piece for a fun craft and a toy! While the kids worked on their pictures and cars, I decided to paint a butterfly to hang on Victoria's door. Hope ya'll enjoyed this craft as much as we did!!


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