Little River Canyon

I took my children to Little River Canyon. We went to look around and explore nature for a little while. We were not planning on getting wet. When the kids saw other kids their age swimming, playing, and having fun, I couldn't say no.

Nikolai is my little explorer. He didn't really want to swim, he wanted to walk around and look at everything. He liked all the small pebbles lying in the shallow water. Victoria on the other hand wanted to be in the water. So I let her sit on non slippery rocks in very shallow water and I stayed right by her side the whole time. I'm thankful that Nikolai would stay close to me too. I held their hands almost the entire time except for when I took pictures of this awesome day. They loved Little River Canyon and I can't wait to take them back. Maybe next time Daddy will come with us :) 
My little explorers <3


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