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Happy Father's Day Daddy Bear!

I wasn't sure what to buy Logan for father's day this year, especially because we are trying to conserve money. I figured I would just have the kids make him something cute, but then I saw a great offer from They were offering free personalized cards with free shipping. I bought Logan three, just cause they were so cute and fun to make. He got one from me and one from each of the kids. I also bought one for my father. I couldn't wait to give the cards to them! Then I saw another great offer at They were offering an 8x10 photo collage with free in store printing. I added eight pictures of us playing at the park and the word "happiness" for the title. I was so excited to give Logan his picture and his cards that I could not wait until Sunday. He took us to the drive in Friday night to see The Green Lantern, (which was awesome by the way), and me and the kids suprised him. He loved it! So I was impatient and coul…

Speech Therapy

Nikolai attends speech therapy. There, I finally said it. I've almost felt ashamed that he was going and it has been hard for me to tell anyone. I felt like maybe its my fault, like maybe I haven't been a good teacher to my son. I don't want anyone to think something is wrong with him, because there's not. He talks so much, I never really thought he had a problem. Of course, he sounds like most 3 year old's, in the fact that sometimes what he's saying just doesn't come out real clear. When his doctor said that his speech just wasn't where it was supposed to be, I was shocked and confused. I immediately felt guilty. The doctor referred us to a local speech therapist. His evaluation lasted 30 minutes and I was so anxious to see what they thought. The speech therapist told me that he had artic. She explained that he had trouble pronouncing words the right way, like B's or F's at the end of words. I tried to ask as many questions as I could so I cou…

C is for Caterpillar!

I've been trying to teach Nikolai his ABC's. He has a very short attention span and it's sometimes hard to get him to focus. I've found that he learns best when he gets to make stuff. He just remembers things better that way. For the letters A and B we made an alligator and a bear. They were simple, just colored paper we glued together and added eyes and a mouth. While searching for some fun craft ideas I stumbled across a caterpillar made out of egg carton. I just had to try it! After teaching him the letter C and the sound it makes I cut the egg carton in half, one for him and one for me. I got out the green paint and we started painting away. After the paint dried, we added pipe cleaners for the antennas and mouths, we also added googely and pom-poms. I think they turned out really cute. Can you guess which one is mine and which one is Nikolai's?

Little River Canyon

I took my children to Little River Canyon. We went to look around and explore nature for a little while. We were not planning on getting wet. When the kids saw other kids their age swimming, playing, and having fun, I couldn't say no.

Nikolai is my little explorer. He didn't really want to swim, he wanted to walk around and look at everything. He liked all the small pebbles lying in the shallow water. Victoria on the other hand wanted to be in the water. So I let her sit on non slippery rocks in very shallow water and I stayed right by her side the whole time. I'm thankful that Nikolai would stay close to me too. I held their hands almost the entire time except for when I took pictures of this awesome day. They loved Little River Canyon and I can't wait to take them back. Maybe next time Daddy will come with us :) My little explorers <3

Ready for Some Summertime Swimmin'

Nikolai Blaine is ready to jump in the pool with his awesome Lighting McQueen floaties and his cool GAP shorts! I made him slow down just long enough to get a picture before he got in. He didn't really want to smile for the camera because he was ready to be in that cold water on a hot summer day.

It was Victoria's first time to be in the pool this year. She was only 5 or 6 months when we let her get in last year, but she wasn't swimming then...

She loved the water!! We put her in a baby float and she splished and splashed. It took her a while to let go of my hands, but as she got more adapted to the water she didn't mind letting go. Then she decided she was tired of the float and wanted out. But, first I put her hair into a mohawk because it looked really cute :)

 She was slightly aggravated by her brother who wanted to hold on to her float and take her toys away. Typical brother sister stuff I guess. When I took her out of her float, she still wanted to swim, I was very …

Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day was spent eating good food with our immediate family and playing outside. I took a lot of pictures so this post will be one of full of funny and silly pictures :)