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Nikolai Turns 4! Cowboy Party!

Oh my gosh! My son turned FOUR in September! Four! I can barely believe how fast he has grown. It just blows my mind. Nikolai was my first baby and he will always be my baby no matter how many times he demands that he is not a baby, he is a boy lol. I gave Nikolai a few choices for the theme for his birthday party this year. Excitedly, for us both, he picked a cowboy party. I did a lot of planning for this party, mostly in my head. But, I got by really cheap on his party, and I think it was one of his best parties yet. Nikolai was pretty quite on his birthday, until we got to the cake and presents, then he was loud! He wouldn't wear the real cowboy leather chaps and vest that his granny and maw maw bought him :( But he still looked cute in his jeans, boots, t-shirt, and his leather cowboy hat. We had some good food like hot dogs, cole slaw, beans, and chips and dip.We also had glass bottle cream sodas and root beers. I loved this party and so did Nikolai. He talks about his cowbo…

Nikolai's First Day of Headstart

It was such a hard decision to put Nikolai in head-start, but I decided that it would be best for him to be around other kids and get accustomed to a regular routine in a school atmosphere. A part of me never wanted to put him in school. I felt awful because I knew it was just part of him growing up. I wanted him to stay home with me and just chill like we have always done. I was afraid that he would become less attached to me being away from me everyday. I was also worried that Nikolai and Victoria's brother-sister bond would be lessened. But, Nikolai is doing great. He is still close to me, Logan, and Victoria. He loves school, he has friends, he gets to do all sorts of crafts. He knows all his months, days of the week, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, animals and so much more. I am just amazed at how much he has opened up and the knowledge he has gained. Some days I wish he was home with me, but overall I do not regret the fact that he is in head-start. I am so proud of my lit…

First Vacation

I have not posted in quite a while. I have been so busy with school and Nikolai being in head-start. I finally get a break from school, hooray! I made straight A's with a GPA of 3.69! I feel that I should catch up on everything that's happened, for this surely has been a year in which I will forever call "the year of changes." So much has happened.

 In August we took our first family vacation of four. We went to visit my best friend, Lacy, and her family. They moved to Myrtle Beach (they recently moved back to Alabama! Yay!) and they so kindly offered to let us stay with them for a week. We piled all our stuff in the jeep and embarked on our first family vacation alone, without parents, or family.

On our way!  We went out to eat!  We went to the beach!! soft white sand... The crew lugging seats, babies, and bags to the beach.  My boys <3 Victoria's very first time in the sand, I don't think she knew what to think.
I think she liked it :) I know N…